Shadows In Bronze

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Synopsis of Shadows In Bronze

In Shadows In Bronze: Rome, AD 71. Against his better judgement, Marcus Didius Falco secretly disposes of a decayed corpse for the Emperor Vespasian, then heads for the beautiful Bay of Naples with his best friend Petronius. He conveniently forgets to mention to his companion that this will be no holiday. They have been sent to investigate the murderous members of a failed coup, now sunning themselves in luxurious villas and on fancy yachts.

Nor does the idyllic seaside location help his doomed romance with Helena Justina. The deeper he probes, the more it seems Helena is inextricably connected to the elite plotters, in ways that the smitten Falco cannot bear to contemplate …

Synopsis of the book, by Lindsey Davis, taken from Amazon

Series:  Marcus Didio Falco; 2

Publisher:  Cornerstone Digital
Year:  2011

Language:  Castellano
Format:  Impreso

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