Silent Scream

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Synopsis of Silent Scream

In Silent Scream, hot young British film star Amanda Delany had the world at her feet. Never one for the quiet life, she’d had a string of affairs with famous actors, making perfect fodder for the tabloids…

Then came a commission to write a tell-all memoir. When Amanda is found brutally murdered, the suspects are lining up – from jealous ex-flatmates to famous lovers to a corrupt agent.

As DCI James Langton leads his team in an extensive enquiry, they discover the sad truth behind Amanda’s successful facade. An autopsy reveals that she was addicted to drugs and starvation diets.

Amanda’s parents are a cold, unemotional couple who hushed up the fact that their daughter once almost died from a botched abortion. And it is revealed that her massive earnings were being swallowed up in a City fraud.

Meanwhile, DI Anna Travis is up for promotion, but her boss DCI James Langton is blocking her, with an accusation of professional misconduct. This latest case, her toughest challenge so far, could make or break Anna’s career.

Synopsis of Silent Scream taken from the book

Review of Silent Scream – Lynda La Plante

In line with the previous ones, with one innovation: we don’t know who the killer is until almost the end. In the previous ones it was discovered but the problem was to prove the accusations, which doesn’t diminish the interest of the story at all.

Otherwise: good plot, well developed, well written, follows the tension between the protagonist and her boss…

Series:  Anna Travis; 5

Publisher:  Pocket Books
Year:  2010
ISBN 9781847396464

Language:  English
Format:  Print

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