Something’s Alive on the Titanic

Something's Alive on the Titanic

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Synopsis of Something’s Alive on the Titanic

A legacy never to forget…

Something is alive on the Titanic. Something powerful and malevolent that protects the once-great ocean liner from the rapacious intentions of those who would desecrate her grave.

It lurked unseen in the 1980s while three American and French expeditions, seeking to explore and document, visited the resting place of the world’s most famous luxury liner.

Whatever is down there first made itself known in 1975, encountered by a secret mission made before the later publicized ones. An undisclosed salvage attempts whose goal was not just scientific exploration.

Based on a scrap of decoded text from the Titanic’s cargo manifest, this first mission set out with the expectation of finding, and recovering, millions of dollars in gold believed hidden in Cargo Hold Three. An undertaking doomed to a tragic end.

Now, in 1993, a new group of men and women — scientists, adventurers, and the United States Navy — wants to retrace the steps of that original voyage to investigate. And succeed where the 1975 mission failed.

As they penetrate deep into the hull, the first people to see the interior in eighty-one years, they find they are not alone.

At first skeptical of the reports from the first mission, which tell of monsters and apparitions that reason says cannot exist, they soon begin to believe.

What they discover is extraordinary, something none of them has ever experienced before…and something none of them ever wants to experience again.

Synopsis of Something’s Alive on the Titanic, by Robert J. Serling, taken from Amazon

Publisher: Endeavour Media
Year 2017

Language: English
Format: eBook

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