Sullivan’s Justice

Sullivan’s Justice

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From Publishers Weekly

First introduced in Sullivan’s Law, Ventura County probation officer Carolyn Sullivan is put to the test again as the body count—and list of suspects—quickly rises in Rosenberg’s latest confidently plotted thriller.

This 3o-something single mom with a narrow waist and wide-ranging intelligence has a special gift for getting perps to talk, and two days before Christmas, she faces an especially frightening inmate, Raphael Moreno, who decapitated his own mother, killed his sister and decimated a family of five. Though he’s not talking, she thinks he had an accomplice.

Before she has a chance to fully crack Moreno, however, the plot thickens: late that night, her younger brother, Neil, a meth addict but also a successful artist, calls for help, having just discovered his girlfriend Laurel’s body floating in his swimming pool. Though Neil will be considered a suspect, his alibi, a rich, conniving, sexually avid ex-girlfriend who lured him into bed that night, refuses to clear his name.

Soon, another woman is murdered just a few blocks from Neil’s house, raising the prospect of serial killing, and a full-scale investigation begins to link the homicides to Moreno’s case. Thriller enthusiasts will relish the intricate plot, accelerating action and novel climax of this gripping ride.

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Series:  Carolyn Sullivan; 2

Publisher:  Pinnacle
Year:  2006
ISBN 0786018577

Language:  English


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