Sweet Briar Rose

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Synopsis of Sweet Briar Rose

In Sweet Briar Rose, DCI Kett is back, heading Norfolk Constabulary’s brand-new Extreme Crime Task Force.

And it’s just in time.

The body of a woman bound in thorns has been discovered in Norwich’s historic Cow Tower. In her mouth is a severed finger wrapped in a scrap of red cloth, and the first few lines of a fairy tale.

“Once upon a time, a young maiden waited to be saved from a hideous monster.”

The finger belongs to another missing woman, and if Kett, Porter and Savage want to find her alive they must follow a chain of blood-drenched riddles, each victim leading to the next and each crime more horrific than the last.

Because this killer is telling a story, and he’ll do anything to stop it having a happy ending.

Synopsis of the book, by Alex Smith, taken from Amazon

Series:  Robert Kett; 8

Publisher:  Relentless Media
Year:  2021

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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