Syndrome E

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Syndrome E

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Synopsis of Syndrome E

Lucie Henebelle, single mother and beleaguered detective, has just about enough on her plate when she receives a panicked phone call from an ex-lover who has developed a rare disorder after watching an obscure film from the 1950s.

With help from the brooding Inspector Franck Sharko, who is exploring the movie’s connection to five unearthed corpses at a construction site, Lucie begins to strip away the layers of what may be the most disturbing film ever made.

With more lives on the line, Sharko and Lucie struggle to solve this terrifying mystery before it’s too late.

In a high-stakes, adrenaline-fueled hunt that jumps from France to Canada, Egypt to Rwanda, and beyond, this astonishing page-turner, with cinematic echoes from “The Manchurian Candidate “and the Bourne series, will keep you guessing until the very end.

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I really liked it. In 2008 I read “El ángel rojo”, by the same author and with the same protagonist. I have to confess: I don’t remember anything about that novel.

I’ve found this one to be a good story with a most peculiar protagonist: schizophrenic but controlled, miserable and resigned, with a tragic family history, but with a sense of humor.

It’s an agile and entertaining novel, well written and well thought out.


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Series:  Franck Sharko; 3

Publisher: Penguin Books
Original title: Le Syndrome E

Language: English
Format: eBook

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