The Arc of the Swallow

The Arc of the Swallow

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Synopsis of The Arc of the Swallow

When controversial Professor Kristian Storm is found hanged in his office, his assistant Marie Skov refuses to believe that he has committed suicide.

The late scientist had uncovered a shocking truth involving immunology programs in the developing world during a recent research trip to West Africa.

Marie believes he was silenced before he could share what he had learned.

With help from the unlikely source of a Nobel Prize-winning rival of Storm’s, former police detective Søren Marhauge takes the case, determined to prove what really happened to the professor.

Interwoven with the fast-moving investigation are moving portraits of Skov’s troubled family and Marhauge’s complicated relationship with his girlfriend, another biologist.

Marhauge once again battles his own demons as he pursues a cabal determined to protect its secrets at any cost.

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The Arc of the Swallow

Series: Søren Marhaugen; 2

Publisher: Riverrun
Year published: 2014
ISBN 9780857382436
Original title: Svalens Graf

Language: English
Format: Ebook

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