The Arsenic Labyrinth

The Arsenic Labyrinth

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Synopsis of The Arsenic Labyrinth

Daniel Kind’s relationship with Miranda is on the rocks. After the bright lights of London, Miranda feels isolated in the Lake District and Daniel fears that she sill just up and leave.

And Miranda wouldn’t be the first: ten years ago Emma Bestwick left her cottage and never returned.

Her disappearance went unaccounted for, much to the chagrin of DCI Hannah Scarlett, head of the local Cold Case Review Team.

But in a small, rural community someone is bound to know something. And that someone has recently started calling the local newpaper and dropping hints about Emma’s death.

With the case reopened, Hannah and Daniel are drawn together again, and discover to their cost that one person will preserve the secrets of the past at any price.

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Review of The Arsenic Labyrinth – Martin Edwards

A little weak compared to the previous ones in the same series. There’s not much suspense, but the story is entertaining and very much in line with British mystery, which I appreciate.

The main characters settle and evolve into a personal relationship that doesn’t distract too much from the development of the plot. We’ll see how it continues. I’m starting the next one “The Serpent Pool”.

Series:  Lake District Mysteries; 3

Publisher:  Allison & Busby
Year:  2008
ISBN 9780749080044

Language:  English
Format:  Print


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