The Awkward Squad

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The Awkward Squad

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Synopsis of The Awkward Squad

Was the old lady murdered seven years ago really just the victim of a botched robbery? Who was behind the dead sailor discovered in the Seine with three gunshot wounds? And why does there seem to be a curious link with a ferry that was shipwrecked off the Florida coast many years previously?

Suspended from her job as a promising police officer for firing “one bullet too many,” Anne Capestan is expecting the worst when she is summoned to HQ to learn her fate. Instead, she is told that she will head up a new police squad, working on solving long-abandoned cold cases.

Though relieved to still have a job, Capestan is not overjoyed by the prospect of her new role. And even less so when she meets her new team: a crowd of misfits, troublemakers, and problem cases, none of whom are fit for purpose and yet none of whom can be fired.

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The Awkward Squad by Sophie Hénaff review

I hadn’t read a novel this good since the first one of Department Q by Jussi Alder-Olssen and the novels of Adamsberg by Fred Vargas.

The concept of the brigade is very reminiscent of Departamento Q, but I like this one better because the humor is more close to us and it has a wit that is lacking in the Q novels. It’s shorter but more enjoyable.

The characters are very good and quite crazy, which makes the brigade seem like a madhouse.

Eagerly awating for the translation of the next one, since I don’t know French.

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Series: The Awkward Squad; 1

Publisher: MacLehose Press
Year 2019
ISBN 9781681440026
Original title: Poulets grillés

Language: English

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