The Beast

The Beast

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Synopsis of The Beast

Two children are found dead in a basement.

Four years later their murderer escapes from prison. The police know if he is not found quickly, he will kill again.

But when their worst fears come true and another child is murdered in the nearby town of Strengnas, the situation spirals out of control.

In an atmosphere of hysteria whipped up by the media, Fredrik Steffansson, the father of the murdered child, decides he must take revenge.

His actions will have devastating consequences.

As anger spreads across the whole country, the two detectives assigned to the case – Ewert Grens and Sven Sunkist – find themselves caught up in a situation of escalating violence.

Synopsis of The Beast taken from Amazon

  • Spanish
Series: Ewert Grens; 1

Publisher: Little Brown Book Group
Year published: 2005
ISBN 9780316729475

Language: English
Format: Print

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