The Black Path

Also available in: Spanish

Synopsis of The Black Path

Inspector Anna-Maria Mella and her longtime partner, Sven-Erik Stålnacke, investigate the brutal torture-murder of Inna Wattrang, head of information for Kallis Mining, whose body is found in an ark, a small cabin on runners, on a frozen lake.

The paucity of clues leads the inspector to take the unconventional step of recruiting a new prosecutor, Rebecka Martinsson, to the team.

Martinsson’s single-minded devotion to her work is of great benefit to Mella, whose inquiries into the self-made founder of Kallis as well as the victim’s brother lead her to believe that the motive for the brutal crime stems from Kallis Mining’s unscrupulous business practices.

While the plot offers little mystery, this intelligent thriller carries tremendous emotional heft and makes Swedish society easily comprehensible to an American reader.

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Series:  Rebecka Martinsson; 3

Publisher: Bantam
Year 2008
ISBN 9780440337980
Original title: Svart stig

Language: English
Format: eBook

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