The Crocodile

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The Crocodile

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Synopsis of The Crocodile

Transferred to Naples after a tangle with the Sicilian Mafia, Detective Inspector Giuseppe Lojacono feels that he’s marking time, waiting out an awkward scandal.

The bloodied bodies of teenagers start appearing around the city, victims of a strange and sinister killer whom police and locals take to calling The Crocodile.

It soon becomes clear to Lojacono that the killings are more than simple Mafia hits, and that the labyrinthine streets of Naples are more deadly than he’d dared imagine.

Can he catch the assassin in time to save the city’s innocents?

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Series:  Giuseppe Lojacono; 1

Publisher: Abacus
Year 2013
ISBN 9781405519533
Original title: Il metodo del Coccodrillo

Language: English
Format: eBook

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