The Dangerous Game

Also available in: Spanish

The Dangerous Game

4 / 5. Votos: 1

Synopsis of The Dangerous Game

The price of fame . . . is DEATH

When Jenny is spotted by a high-profile modelling agency, she goes from ordinary schoolgirl to celebrity overnight. Suddenly her life is a whirlwind of parties and glamour.

Agnes used to be a model too – but now she lies in a hospital bed, slowly being destroyed by an eating disorder. Her father sits by her day after day, praying that his only remaining daughter survives.

An attempted murder during a lavish photoshoot means that Jenny’s and Agnes’s lives will soon intersect in the most terrifying of ways . . . Because someone is watching them. Someone with a plan.

Can Detective Anders Knutas figure out who it is in time to stop a terrible justice being served?

Synopsis of The Dangerous Game taken from Amazon

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Series: Anders Knutas; 8

Year 2015
ISBN 9781448154081
Original title: Den farliga leken

Language: English

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