The Distant Hours

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The Distant Hours

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Synopsis of The Distant Hours

Edie Burchill leads a quiet life as the young vice-president of a small London publishing house. On a trip to meet with a potential author, she gets lost and accidentally discovers Milderhurst Castle, the once stately home in which, as a child, her mother was billeted during WWII.

Edie senses a mystery to be uncovered, especially since her normally distant mother burst into tears after receiving a long-lost letter from the castle. Edie manages to get acquainted with the castle’s occupants, including the mysterious Blythe sisters—Percy, Saffy, and the emotionally damaged Juniper. Also present is the ghost of their father, Raymond, famous author of terrifying children’s books and overbearing patriarch.

As the secrets behind Milderhurst Castle slowly reveal themselves, Edie discovers a family victimized by its own history and haunted by its memories as well as a mother eager to make up for lost time. In the tradition of the classic gothic novels, The Distant Hours is a spellbinding journey, a mystery whose well-paced revelations provide a surprising and deeply satisfying read

Synopsis of The Distant Hours, by Kate Morton, taken from Amazon


It’s interesting an entertaining, but a quite foreseeable. Too long for my taste and not very original.

To read during a rainy evening when one can stay home with nothing else to do, by the warmth of the fireplace.

Publisher:  Mantle
Year:  2010
ISBN 1439152780

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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