The Final Murder

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Synopsis of The Final Murder

A TV talk-show star is found killed in her home, her tongue removed and left near to the body.

When a second body, that of a prominent politician, is found crucified soon after, Superintendent Adam Stubo is called in to lead the investigation of both murders.

Unable to establish whether these two gruesome slayings are linked, or what the meaning is behind the manner of death, Stubo calls in his psychologist wife Johanne Vik to help.

As Vik reviews the crimes she begins to see a pattern that chills her to the core.

If her theory is correct then more killings will follow, and the spree will end in the murder of the investigating officer: Adam Stubo.

Synopsis of The Final Murder taken from Amazon

Series:  Yngvar Stubo - Inger Johanne Vik; 2

Publisher:  Corvus
Year:  2011

Original title:  Det som aldri skjer

Language:  English
Format:  eBook

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