The Genesis Code

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The Genesis Code

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Synopsis of The Genesis Code

Nobel Prize–winning geneticist Joshua Ambergris has made an astounding discovery that will shake the foundations of science. He has discovered a coded text hidden in human DNA.

Before Ambergris can change the course of history by announcing his incredible discovery, he is brutally murdered in his office at Triad Genomics, an international biotech company. Ambergris has left behind a labyrinthine series of clues that ultimately reveals the truth. ” There is a message from a much earlier, more sophisticated human civilization encoded in the human genome!”

Who planted this code eons ago? And why? And can it be decoded before it’s too late? Ambergris’s protégé, Christian Madison, and his assistant, Grace Nguyen, must follow the serpentine trail to uncover a global conspiracy of silence, secrecy, and murder that spans the breadth of human history.

A shadowy group known only as the Order guards the ancient secret. It is enciphered in the mythologies and architecture of Earth’s oldest civilizations and encoded into the very fabric of human DNA. Ambergris’s clues lead Madison and Nguyen through the mysteries of the Maya and ancient Egypt, the forgotten knowledge of Sumeria, and the enigmas of modern science. Pursued at every turn by Ambergris’s killers, Madison and Nguyen race to uncover the secrets of the Genesis Code before the Order can carry out the final, sinister step of a genocidal plan.

Genesis Code by Christopher Forrest review

Indescribable. Normally, when I start a book I do it with the firm purpose of finishing it, it can be said that I have finished this because I read the beginning, with all my goodwill, and the end. The will ran out in the middle.

He started to falter when they explain to us what DNA is. It was worse when I realized who the “bad” was, which is nothing subtle. And from there I started to turn pages and pages, reading a sentence from time to time, until I get to the end which I’m not going to tell you. Still, I have a feeling that I’ve read it in full and would be able to tell the whole story.

In short, I can conclude that it is more “fantastic” and “unlikely”, even, that the Da Vinci Code, which at least had the merit of being the first great success of this genre and, it must be said, is much better written.

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Publisher: Forge Books
Year 2008
ISBN 9781466800199

Language: English

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