The Ghost Riders of Ordebec

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Synopsis of The Ghost Riders of Ordebec

‘People will die,’ says the panic-stricken woman outside police headquarters.

She refuses to speak to anyone besides Commissaire Adamsberg.

Her daughter has seen a vision: ghostly horsemen who target the most nefarious characters in Normandy.

Since the middle ages there have been stories of murderers, rapists, those with serious crimes on their conscience, meeting a grisly end following a visitation by the riders.

Soon after the young woman’s vision a notoriously vicious and cruel man disappears.

Although the case is far outside his jurisdiction, Adamsberg agrees to investigate the strange happenings in a village terrorised by wild rumours and ancient feuds.

Synopsis of The Ghost Riders of Ordebec taken from Amazon

My opinion

The one in the series I liked the most, so far, with Huye rápido, vete lejos.

It’s quite pleasant and it can be read in one sitting. The best part, as always, was the characters.

I highly recommend it.

Series:  Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg; 7

Publisher:  Vintage
Year:  2013
ISBN 9781446485071
Original title:  L'armée furieuse

Language:  English
Format:  eBook

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