The gun with wings

Curtains For Three. Disguise for Murder

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Synopsis of The gun with wings

Margaret “Peggy” Mion, widow of opera tenor Alberto Mion, and Frederick Weppler, music critic of the Gazette, ask Wolfe to investigate Mion’s death four months earlier. They found his body in the soundproofed studio of his apartment, with a shot through the palate. The police ruled that the case was suicide, but Peggy insists that Mion could never have committed suicide even though he was thinking of leaving Mion for Weppler. Peggy gives Wolfe a bail of five thousand dollars to discover the truth and so that she and Weppler can calm down and start a life together.

Six weeks before Mion’s death, baritone Gifford James learned from his daughter Clara that Mion had seduced her and punched him in the neck. The blow affected the larynx and needed an operation. Despite the operation, Mion was having trouble regaining full use of the voice.

On the day of his death, he had a meeting with James and others professionally affected by the incident, to discuss compensation paid by James. Among them was Dr. Nicholas Lloyd, the surgeon who performed the operation. Shortly after finishing the meeting, Weppler and Peggy go to Mion’s apartment to confess their relationship but find him dead in the studio.

; 18.1

Included in: Curtains for Three

Publisher: Bantam
Year published: 1994
ISBN 055376294X

Language: English
Format: Print

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