The Hidden Child

Also available in: Spanish

Synopsis of The Hidden Child

Crime writer Erica Falck is shocked to discover an old Nazi medal among her late mother’s belongings.

Inspired to dig deep into her past, she visits a retired history teacher for answers. Two days later, he’s dead.

Detective Patrik Hedström is on paternity leave. But his wife’s enquiries appear to have set off a chain of murders and he’s finding it hard to keep out of the investigation.

A terrible secret from the darkest days of World War II is coming to light – and their families’ histories are right at the heart of it.

Synopsis of  The Hidden Child taken from Amazon


Leaving aside the fact that I can’t stand stories about Nazism, and racism in general, the novel is entertaining and engaging, though there isn’t much suspense. The authorship of the crimes and the ending are quite predictable.

The novel, altogether, is much better than the previous one that had been quite disappointing.


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Series:  Fjällbacka; 5

Publisher: HarperCollins
Year 2011
Original title: Tyskungen

Language: English
Format: eBook

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