The Immortal Collection

The Immortal Collection

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Synopsis of The Immortal Collection

When Adriana, a brilliant young archaeologist, accepts a position at the Museum of Archaeology in her hometown of Santander, Spain, she never imagines that her new boss has lived through the history she can only study.

Iago, the charismatic technical director of the museum, is more than ten thousand years old but appears to be only thirty-five. Iago and his family are “longevos”—people who never seem to age after reaching adulthood.

The ancient family is divided. Iago’s brother and sister seek the source of their longevity in hopes of creating more like themselves. Meanwhile Iago and his father fear the repercussions of the true Fountain of Youth.

A dangerous game of power and knowledge that has played out over eons becomes even more complicated when Adriana attracts both brothers’ attention—and learns their secret.

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The Immortal Collection

Series: The Ancient Family; 1

Publisher: AmazonCrossing
Year published: 2014
ISBN 9781477899793
Original title: La vieja familia

Language: English
Format: Ebook

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