The Janus Stone

The Janus Stone

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Synopsis of The Janus Stone

Ruth Galloways expertise is called upon when builders, demolishing an old house in Norwich, uncover the bones of a child – minus the skull – beneath a doorway. Is it some ritual sacrifice or just plain straightforward murder?

DCI Harry Nelson investigates. The house was once a childrens home. Nelson traces the Catholic priest who used to run the place. He tells him that two children did go missing forty years before – a boy and a girl. They were never found.

When carbon dating proves that the childs bones predate the home and relate to a time when the house was privately owned, Ruth is drawn ever more deeply into the case. But as spring turns into summer it becomes clear that someone is trying hard to put her off the scent by frightening her to death…

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The Janus Stone

Series: Ruth Galloway; 2

Publisher: Quercus
Year published: 2010
ISBN 9781849162296

Language: English
Format: Ebook

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