The Killing Room

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Old houses have their secrets. The Young residence – a beautiful Maine mansion overlooking the Atlantic – is no exception. But the secrets here are different. They can kill. Carolyn Cartwright, private detective and ex-FBI agent, has been hired by Howard Young to investigate a string of gruesome family deaths. The crimes are horrific, brutal, and senseless. And the time has come for the killing to begin again. One by one, members of the Young family are chosen to die. Old and young, weak and strong, no one is safe from a killer with a limitless thirst for revenge. And the only way for Carolyn to uncover the shocking truth is to enter the room no one has ever left alive – and make herself the next target.


Publisher:  Kensington Publishing Corporation
Year:  2010
ISBN 9780786017997

Language:  Inglés
Format:  eBook


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