The King Arthur Case

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The King Arthur Case

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Synopsis of The King Arthur Case

In The King Arthur Case, the forest of Broceliande, with its picturesque lakes and castles, is the last remnant of the fairy kingdom, if Breton lore is to be believed. Innumerable legends spanning thousands of years are set here, inclding the tale of King Arthur and the Round Table.

It seems to be an appropriate destination for Commissaire Dupin and his team to take a late summer field trip. But when the body of a historian turns up, Dupin is called upon to investigate in the brutal murder case. Before too long, there are more victims. What knowledge do the assembled scientists have about the most recent archaeological digs in the area? Where do they stand on the controversial decision to turn parts of the forest into an amusement park? And why is no one willing to talk? Even Nolwenn, Dupin’s unshakeable assistant, is concerned. And that means trouble.

Mysterious, ingenious, and suspenseful: Dupin’s seventh case takes him and his team into the very heart of Brittany.

Synopsis of the book, by Jean-Luc Bannalec, taken from Amazon

The King Arthur Case – Jean-Luc Bannalec review

In The King Arthur Case, Commissioner Dupin, inspectors Le Ber and Labat and the team’s secretary and factotum, Nolwenn, travel to Brocelandia Forest (Paimpont, nowadays), birthplace of the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

What was to be a simple favor to a policeman colleague of Dupin’s in Paris, and a field trip for the whole team, becomes, as soon as they arrive, a murder case. Actually, it’s two murders. From Paris they appoint Dupin chief investigator of the case and the field trip becomes a time-sensitive investigation. Dupin has to be home the next night with his fiancée.

The victims are renowned specialists in the legend of Arthur and belong to the Arthurian Society which is based in Comper Castle.

Just for the interventions of Inspector Le Ber, the embodiment of Breton pride, in which he passionately demonstrates his encyclopedic knowledge on the Arturian subject, is worth reading this book. It’s fabulous.

As always, in all Bannalec novels, the setting is the best. He chooses places from Brittany that have a special charm, and in this case more. And he describes them very well, really, it feels like you’re there. Anyway, I recommend looking them up on Google Maps (I always do) to place yourself. You can see the map here, and below.

The characters are all very good. Perhaps the least prominent is Labart, this time. And the best of them all, as I already indicated, is Le Ber.

The story is not extremely original, but it’s very well told, it’s entertaining and it hooks you from the very first page.

The novels of this series keep getting better and better, I hope he keeps it up. And I highly recommend this one, as all the others.

Series:  Brittany Mystery Series; 7

Publisher: Minotaur Books
Year 2022
Original title: Bretonische Geheimnisse

Language: English
Format: eBook

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