The Last Crypt

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Synopsis of The Last Crypt

Diver Ulysses Vidal finds a fourteenth-century bronze bell of Templar origin buried under a reef off the Honduras coast. It turns out it’s been lying there for more than one century, prior to Christopher Columbus’s discovery of America.

Driven by curiosity and a sense of adventure, he begins the search for the legendary treasure of the Order of The Temple. Together with a medieval history professor and a daring Mexican archeologist they travel through Spain, the Mali desert, the Caribbean Sea and the Mexican jungle.

They face innumerable riddles and dangers, but in the end this search will uncover a much more important mystery. A secret, kept hidden for centuries, which could transform the history of humankind, and the way we understand the Universe.

Synopsis of The Last Crypt taken from Amazon

Review of Fernando Gamboa’s The Last Crypt

If you like adventure novels, this one’s fine. At least it’s entertaining. But it’s fair to say it’s not too original and sometimes it’s gets a little too long.

The protagonist, Ulises Vidal, is an adventurer with MacGyver-like skills, not quite on Dirk Pitt’s level, the protagonist of the Clive Cussler novels, which this one is reminiscent of.

The story of the wealth and hidden treasures of the Templars is so old, both in literature and in film and television, that it’s quite tiring. And the same goes for Dante’s Divine Comedy, though that’s not the case here.

Pre-Columbian lost cities are also not a subject that has never been addressed.

Of course, in The Last Crypt there’s the scientific girl who ends up dating the protagonist, and the professor-mentor, Indiana Jones style. And, of course, the bad guys who try to take advantage of their achievements to keep the treasure. A compendium of all this can be seen in the two films starring Nicolas Cage: National Treasure and National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

I admit I spent some entertaining time reading it, but that’s all.

Series:  Ulysses Vidal; 1

Year:  2014

Original title:  La última cripta

Language:  English
Format:  eBook

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