The Legacy

Also available in: Spanish

Synopsis of The Legacy

In the bitter winter of 2009, following the death of their grandmother, Erica Calcott and her sister Beth return to Storton Manor, a grand and imposing Wiltshire house where they spent their summer holidays as children.

When Erica begins to sort through her grandmother’s belongings, she is flooded with memories of her childhood – and of her cousin, Henry, whose disappearance from the manor tore the family apart.

Erica sets out to discover what happened to Henry – so that the past can be laid to rest, and her sister, Beth, might finally find some peace.

Gradually, as Erica begins to sift through remnants of the past, a secret family history emerges; one that stretches all the way back to turn-of-the-century Oklahoma, to a beautiful society heiress and a haunting, savage land.

As past and present converge, Erica and Beth must come to terms with two terrible acts of betrayal – and the heart-breaking legacy left behind.

Synopsis of The Legacy, by Katherine Webb, taken from Amazon

Review of The Legacy

Entertaining and quite original, it’s one of those that hooks you. It has mystery and the ending is quite unexpected.

The mystery is not so much for the reader as for the protagonist who tries to unravel it, since the story it’s based on is told in parallel.

Well written and can be read in one sitting (if you have time).

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Publisher: William Morrow
Year 2011

Language: English
Format: eBook

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