The Merchant’s House

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Detective Sergeant Wesley Peterson’s first day in his new posting in South Devon finds him investigating the brutal death of a young woman on a cliff path while his new colleagues are searching desperately for a missing child.

Then Wesley’s old friend from university, archaeologist Neil Watson, unearths the bodies of a strangled young woman and a new-born baby on the site of a seventeenth century merchant’s house: though luckily for the overstretched police force the skeletons are centuries old.

But as the search for the missing child intensifies and the true identity of the body on the cliff path is established, Wesley begins to suspect a tragic link, spanning the centuries, between his investigations and Neil’s: for motives of jealousy, sexual obsession and desperate longing are as old as time. And when the dark secret of the merchant’s house is finally revealed, Wesley must act swiftly to avert a further tragedy.


Otra autora que no conocía. Ésta es la primera novela de la serie de Wesley Peterson, sargento detective, que estrena trabajo en South Devon, después de pedir el traslado desde Londres.

Me gustó, es sencilla, con una buena trama y bien resuelta. La novela es corta y, sin embargo, no se echa nada de menos. Quiero decir que Kate Ellis es directa, escribe sin adornos y no nos castiga con larguísimas descripciones innecesarias.

La recomiendo para pasar un rato entretenido, aunque me temo que en España no hay nada publicada de esta autora.

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Series: Wesley Peterson; 1

Publisher: Piatkus
Year 2006
ISBN 0749936991

Language: Inglés

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