The Missing Corpse

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The Missing Corpse

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Synopsis of The Missing Corpse

Along the picturesque Belon River, home of the world famous oyster beds, between steep cliffs, ominous forests and the Atlantic Ocean, a stubborn elderly film actress discovers a corpse.

By the time Commissaire Dupin arrives at the scene, the body has disappeared.

A little while later, he receives a phone call from the mystical hills of Monts d’Arree, where legends of fairies and the devil abound: another unidentified body has turned up. Dupin quickly realizes this may be his most difficult and confounding case yet, with links to celtic myths, a sand theft operation, and mysterious ancient druid cults.

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Series:  Brittany Mystery Series; 4

Year 2019
ISBN 9781250173379
Original title: Bretonischer Stolz

Language: English
Format: eBook

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