The Ninth Grave

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The Ninth Grave

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Synopsis of The Ninth Grave


On the coldest day of the year, Sweden’s Minister for Justice steps into a blizzard – and disappears. Who has taken him? That same night, across the Baltic Sea, a Danish celebrity is at her home, locked in and cut off from the snow. Then she hears footsteps in her living room. Who is in her house?


The police are soon hunting two different murderers. One is a surgeon who carefully dissects his victims. The other is a brutal predator who targets random women. Police in Stockholm and Copenhagen are closing in on their suspects. But as winter darkens and more people die, their investigations begin to unravel.


Synopsis of The Ninth Grave taken from Amazon

Review of The Ninth Grave by Stefan Ahnhem

Although published after, it’s the prequel to Victim Without A Face, also with Fabian Risk as protagonist. In The Ninth Grave, in addition to the main story, we are presented with the family circumstances of Risk and the reasons for his transfer to his hometown in the second novel.

It’s entertaining even though there are too many suspects. This, coupled with the killings taking place in Sweden and Denmark, is somewhat confusing as the investigations are not coordinated.

It’s clear that the murders have to do with human organs. And don’t lose sight of the first chapter. The worst thing about novels that start with a story that seems to have nothing to do with the crimes is that, despite being essential, you forget about it when you’re halfway through the book. This happens here, and in many other novels, and that’s what I like the least.

The plot is good but, as I said before, the development is a bit messy. Anyways, it’s not too hard to follow. Maybe the Danish part isn’t necessary, but well, that’s the author’s decision, and I won’t be the one to tell him what he has or doesn’t have to write.

Overall, I liked it. Recommended.

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Series:  Fabian Risk; 0

Publisher: Head of Zeus
Year 2016
ISBN 9781784975517
Original title: Den nionde graven

Language: English
Format: eBook

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