The Princess of Burundi

The Princess of Burundi

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Synopsis of The Princess of Burundi

When a jogger finds a dead body in the snow, the members of Sweden’s Uppsala police force uncover a victim with an unsettling history. John Jonsson, known to everyone as Little John, was a respectable family man and a local expert on tropical fish. But he had been quite a troublemaker, and his delinquent past seems to have caught up with him.

Despite being on maternity leave, Inspector Ann Lindell is determined to find John’s murderer. The cruel cat-and-mouse game that follows leads Ann to a deadly confrontation with a treacherous killer. Ann must decide whether to take a huge risk that could result in many more dead bodies in the snow, including hers and that of her unborn child.



The Princess of BurundiThe Princess of Burundi

; 4

Publisher: Minotaur Books
Year published: 2010
ISBN 9781429904087
Original title: Prinsessan av Burundi

Language: English

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