The Puppet Show

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Synopsis of The Puppet Show

The Puppet Show
A serial killer is burning people alive in the Lake District’s prehistoric stone circles. He leaves no clues, and the police are helpless.

When his name is found carved into the charred remains of the third victim, disgraced detective Washington Poe is brought back from suspension and into an investigation he wants no part of.

He is reluctantly partnered with brilliant but socially awkward civilian analyst Tilly Bradshaw, and the mismatched pair uncover a trail that only he is meant to see. The elusive killer has a plan, and for some reason Poe is part of it.

As the body count rises, Poe discovers he has far more invested in the case than he could have possibly imagined. And in a shocking finale that will shatter everything he’s ever believed about himself, Poe will learn that there are things far worse than being burned alive….

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Review of The Puppet Show

Very good, I liked it a lot.

The plot is very good, it’s very well developed and very well finished.

Even so, what I liked the most is the cast of characters, especially the main ones, though the secondary ones are also good.

The protagonist, Washington Poe, is very good but the best character, from my point of view, is Tilly Bradshaw, the SCAS (Serious Crime Analysis Section) analyst. Tilly is a mix of Penelope Garcia and Spencer Reid, both characters from the now defunct TV series “Criminal Minds.” Garcia for her brilliance in handling computers and programming and Reid for her prodigious mind and no social skills.

Washington Poe begins the series as a suspended and retired SCAS policeman in his homeland of Cumbria. Until he’s called in on a case of several murders that take place in several of the many stone circles in the region. If you read it, do as I do, locate them on Google Maps and you will find yourself perfectly.

The intrigue is held throughout the book, in my case, almost until the end of the novel. There are clues that can facilitate the task of recognizing the guilty person before the grand finale, but it doesn’t diminish the interest and enjoyment of reading it in its entirety.

I think, actually I already have, read all the others. They are very good.

Though they’re not all translated into Spanish, it seems that they’re in the process of doing so and they will get here soon. Don’t miss out on them.

One hundred percent recommended and waiting for the next one.

Places in the book

Series:  Washington Poe; 1

Publisher:  Constable
Year:  2018

Language:  English
Format:  eBook

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