The rising

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When Garda Inspector Benedict Devlin is summoned to a burning barn, he finds the remains of a man who is identified as the local drug dealer Martin Kielty. It soon becomes clear that the man’s death was no accident, and suspicion falls on a local vigilante group. Onetime paramilitaries, the men call themselves The Rising. Meanwhile, Devlin’s former colleague’s teenage son has gone missing during a seaside camping trip. Devlin is relieved when the boy’s mother, Caroline Williams, receives a text message from her son’s phone, and so when a body is washed up on a nearby beach, the inspector is baffled. When another drug dealer is killed, and Devlin realizes there’s more to the spate of deaths than mere vigilantism. But just as it seems he’s closing in on the truth, a personal crisis strikes at the heart of Ben’s own family, and he must confront the compromises his career has forced upon him.

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; 4

ISBN 9780230701373
Original title: The rising

Language: English

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