The Silence of the White City

The Silence of the White City

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Synopsis of The Silence of the White City

«A city terrified of the return of ritual murders. A policeman hiding a tragedy.»

«What would you do if you were the investigator of the serial killer case that is terrorizing the quiet city of Vitoria with its double ritual crimes and you find evidence that your own twin, a media archaeologist, was the author of the murders?»

Twenty years later, when Tasio, the brilliant archaeologist convicted of the murders is about to leave prison on his first permit, the crimes resume again. A couple of twenty-year-olds appears dead and naked by the bee sting in the throat in the emblematic Old Cathedral of Vitoria. Shortly after, another twenty-five-year-old couple is murdered in the Casa del Cordón, a medieval building.

The young inspector Unai López de Ayala – aka Kraken -, an expert in criminal profiles, is obsessed with preventing crimes before they occur. A still fresh personal tragedy does not allow him to face the case as one more. His unorthodox methods unnerve his boss, Alba, the deputy commissioner with whom he has a difficult working relationship during the day. And an intense attraction and fascination at dawn, each time they both coincide by running through the lonely streets of Vitoria.

An absorbing black novel that moves between mythology and legends of Alava, archeology, family secrets and criminal psychology. An elegant and complex noir. One of the police novels of the year.

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  • Spanish

The Silence of the White City

Series: White City Trilogy; 1

Publisher: Vintage
Year published: 2020
ISBN 9781984898609
Original title: El silencio de la Ciudad Blanca

Language: English
Format: Ebook

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