The Silent Hour

The Silent Hour

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Synopsis of The Silent Hour

Whisper Ridge—Home to Dreams—November 6, 1992-April 27, 1996

So reads the strange epitaph carved beside the door of the home called Whisper Ridge, that once housed the beginnings of a unique program for paroled murderers.

It was the passion of Alexandra Sanabria, the daughter of a deceased Mafia don, but the program never got off the ground.

Uninhabited for twelve years, the home now remains as a strange monument to dangerous secrets.

Private investigator Lincoln Perry‘s first involvement with the house and its legacy comes when Parker Harrison—a convicted killer and former tenant of Whisper Ridge—asks him to find Alexandra, who disappeared with her husband after the failure of the program.

Perry decides to take the request at face value until he discovers that the bones of the Alexandra’s husband were discovered at the exact same time Harrison began his quest to locate her.

Now the investigation is active again and decade-old threats are circling, confronting Perry with a sordid family mystery that will challenge both his abilities as a detective and his commitment to that calling.

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Series:  Lincoln Perry; 4

Publisher:  Hodder & Stoughton
Year:  2013
ISBN 9781444713961

Language:  English
Format:  Print


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