The Sons of Adam

The Sons of Adam

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Synopsis of The Sons of Adam

It’s normal to fall for your boss… but not when he’s more than 10,000 years old.

The story begins with the unexpected return of Gunnarr, the son that Iago thought had died in the battle of Kinsale in Ireland in 1602. Gunnarr will change the peaceful life that Iago del Castillo and Adriana Alameda had built for themselves in Santander, Spain.

Prehistory, Europe

Lür travels across a devastated land looking for the clan of The Sons of Adam and their legendary matriarch, Adana, who, it is said, never grows old.

800 AC, Denmark

Gunnarr tells Adriana about his youth and how he became a berserker, a member of a dangerous and legendary group of Viking warriors.

1620 AC, New England

Urko boards the Mayflower, where he meets Manon Adams, a strong woman who will leave her mark despite the passing of time.

The Ancient Family travels through time to discover that they have been persecuted since before their birth. This riveting story will leave you begging for the next chapter of The Immortals Series.

The past always comes back to haunt a longevo.

Synopsis of The Sons of Adam taken from Amazon

Series: The Ancient Family; 2

Publisher: the Author
Year published: 2014
Original title: Los hijos de Adán

Language: English
Format: Ebook

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