The Wolves of Midwinter

The Wolves of Midwinter

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Synopsis of The Wolves of Midwinter

It is the beginning of December and it is cold and grey outside. In the stately flickering hearths of the grand mansion of Nideck Point, oak fires are burning.

The Morphenkinder are busy getting ready for the ancient pagan feast of midwinter. Everyone is invited, including some of their own who do not wish them well…

Reuben Golding, the newest of the Morphenkinder, is struggling with his new existence as a Man Wolf, struggling to learn to control his desires and bloodthirsty urges.

His pure, luminous girlfriend Laura seems all set to join him in this new way of life. But Reuben is not at all certain he will love her if she becomes as he is.

Beyond the mansion, the forest echoes with howling winds, which carry with them tales of a strange nether world, and of spirits – centuries old – who possess their own fantastical ancient histories and taunt with their dark, magical powers.

As preparations for the feast gather pace, destiny continues to hound Reuben, not least in the form of a strange, tormented ghost who appears at the window, unable to speak.

But he is not alone: before the festivities are over, choices must be made – choices which will decide the fate of the Morphenkinder for ever.

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My review

The Wolves of Midwinter by Anne Rice review

It’s still very similar to “The Vampire Chronicles” by the same author. The rebelliousness of the protagonist and, even more, of his mentor, Felix. And the yearning to live among humans.

The whole story about the way Reuben’s family turn into morphodynamics feels a bit rushed. In this case it’s the father, in Lestat’s case it was the mother. The same pattern is repeated, but this time with eternal creatures that are greater in number, apart from the morphodynamics.

The only thing that isn’t lost in Anne Rice’s books are the cozy atmospheres; you wouldn’t mind being a vampire or a morphodynamic with the way she describes everything. Sometimes the descriptions are too much, but you can still read it very well (especially if you skip some parts).

On the other hand, if you know vampire stories very well, you can imagine what’s going to happen.

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The Wolves of Midwinter

Series: The Wolf Gift Chronicles; 2

Publisher: Cornerstone Digital
Year published: 2014
ISBN 9781448164882

Language: English
Format: Ebook

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