This Night’s Foul Work

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Synopsis of This Night’s Foul Work

On the outskirts of Paris, two men have been found with their throats cut. In Normandy, two stags have been killed and their hearts cut out.

Meanwhile a seventy-five-year-old nurse who has murdered several of her patients has escaped from prison. Is there a connection between the three cases?

In this mystery, Commissaire Adamsberg is pitted against nemeses past and present: Ariane Lagarde, France’s foremost pathologist and Adamsberg’s enemy since they argued over a case twenty-three years earlier, and Louis Veyrenc, a new recruit with a grudge, who has been assigned the job of protecting the Commissaire’s ex-girlfriend.

As the different strands of Vargas’s compelling story begin to intertwine, events move towards a gripping climax…

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This Night’s Foul Work by Fred Vargas review

Amazing. It always takes me a bit to get into it but when the plot starts to develop you get hooked and you can’t put it down. And, since the protagonist lives in another world, it’s not only more interesting but also more entertaining.

The first time you read a novel of Adamsberg you always ask yourself what it is about. The second one, you are eager to read. It’s weird but very entertaining. I rarely laugh out loud when I read, but with Adamsberg’s novels I do.

I’d very much recommend it.

Series:  Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg; 5

Publisher:  Vintage
Year:  2014
ISBN 9781407019017
Original title:  Dans les bois éternels

Language:  English
Format:  eBook

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