Three For the Chair

Three For the Chair: A Window For Death. Immune to Murder. Too Many Detectives

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Information about Three for the Chair

It contains:

  • A Window for Death
  • Immune to Murder
  • Too Many Detectives

Follow the world’s greatest detective on a trail o money, mayhem, and murder in three cases of capital crime.

The trail of bodies begins with the death of a self-made millionaire, a fortune in uranium, and the perfect weapon… which no longer exists.

Then it’s on to a rural lodge to teach two arrogant billionaires, a foreign ambassador, and a famous diplomat that murder is bad for business.

Finally, it’s a case of politics making the strangest of bedfellows when a fake millionaire becomes a real corpse in the state capital and the evidence has Nero and Archie in the hot seat.

Information about Three for the Chair taken from Amazon

Series: Nero Wolfe; 28

Publisher: Bantam
Year published: 1994
ISBN 0553248138

Language: English
Format: Print

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