Three Hands In the Fountain

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Synopsis of Three Hands In the Fountain

In Three Hands In the Fountain: ‘The fountain was not working. Nothing unusual in that…’

Marcus Didius Falco and his laddish friend Petronius find their local fountain has been blocked- by a gruesomely severed human hand.

Soon other body parts are being found in the aqueducts and sewers. Public panic overcomes official indifference, and the Aventine partners are commissioned to investigate. Women are bing abducted during festivals, with the next Games only days away. As the heat rises in the Circus Maximus, they face a race against time and a strong test of their friendship. They know the sadistic killer lurks somewhere on the festive streets of Rome- preparing to strike again.

Synopsis of the book, by Lindsey Davis, taken from Amazon

Series:  Marcus Didio Falco; 9

Publisher:  Cornerstone Digital
Year:  2011
ISBN 9780099515159

Language:  English
Format:  eBook

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