Titanic : Destination Disaster : The Legends and the Reality

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No other ship, nor maritime tragedy, holds more endless fascination than the Titanic -at the time of her launch, the world’s largest moving man-made object. Three-quarters of a century after the most famous sinking of all time, two of the world’s foremost authorities present this popular account of the sea’s best-known disaster. Myth and legend have long been part of the story. The authors explore many of the misconceptions that have developed over the years concerning the ship, the people and the sinking, and give the most likely explanations based on present-day research and knowledge. The whole story is expertly summarized, from building and launching, to a fascinating account of the recent remarkable discovery of the wreck, 2 1/2 miles down, and the questions of exploration and salvage, ownership and preservation inevitably associated with it. It all adds up to a book that will appeal to general reader and dedicated Titanic expert alike.

Publisher:  Patrick Stephens Limited
Year:  1987
ISBN 0850598680

Language:  English, Inglés
Format:  Impreso


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