Tonight I Said Goodbye

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Tonight I Said Goodbye

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Synopsis of Tonight I Said Goodbye

In Tonight I Said Goodbye, investigator Wayne Weston is found dead of an apparent suicide in his home, and his wife and six-year-old daughter are missing. Weston’s father insists that private investigators Lincoln Perry and Joe Pritchard take the case to exonerate his son and find his granddaughter and daughter-in-law.

As they begin to work they discover there is much more to the situation than has been described in the prevalent media reports. There are rumors of gambling debts and extortion, and a group of Russians with ties to organized crime who don’t appreciate being investigated–a point they make clear with baseball bats.

With some assistance from newspaper reporter Amy Ambrose, Perry and Pritchard believe they are making swift progress. But then they are warned off the investigation by a millionaire real estate tycoon and the FBI. Just when they feel they are closing in on a possible source of answers, another murder forces them to change direction in the case.

Perry travels to a resort town in South Carolina and there he finds more than one game being played, and all of them are deadly. The stakes quickly become very personal for Perry, and it’s clear that there will be no walking away from this case.

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Review of Tonight I Said Goodbye

I really liked it.

The plot is pretty original, it’s well carried out and it keeps the interest.

The characters are very good, well outlined, especially the protagonists, and, in general, it’s filled with great sense of humor, leaning towards irony.

A great discovery in a period where everyone writes thrillers, detective novels, etc.; it seems that we’ve already left behind the fashion of the great mysteries that could change the course of history and the destiny of the world that began with El Código da Vinci. Thank goodness!

I’ve already read the second of the Lincoln Perry series, Sorrow’s Anthem, and it maintains the same level. Eager to read the third one: Una tumba acogedora.

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Series:  Lincoln Perry; 1

Year 2007
ISBN 9781429906210

Language: English
Format: eBook

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