Too Many Detectives

Three For the Chair

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Synopsis of Too Many Detectives

In Too Many Detectives, Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin have been summoned to appear for questioning in Albany by the New York Secretary of State, part of an effort to investigate wiretapping activities by the state’s private detectives.

Dol Bonner, her assistant Sally Colt, and three other detectives from New York City have been brought in for the same day.

Albert Hyatt, a deputy official, is in charge of the inquiry and calls Wolfe and Archie into his office to go over a statement Wolfe has provided.

A man calling himself Otis Ross had asked Wolfe to tap his phone line and report all conversations, believing that his secretary might be leaking confidential business information.

Wolfe took the job, but ended it after Archie discovered that the client was not the real Ross.

One of Hyatt’s staff members finds a man strangled to death in another meeting room; Wolfe and Archie identify him as their client.

The city police detain everyone at the scene for questioning, under the direction of Chief of Detectives Leon Groom.

Hyatt states that the client had come to see him shortly before the day’s meetings were to begin

He introduced himself as William A. Donahue, and said that he wanted to give information on some illegal wiretaps he had arranged – including the one performed by Wolfe.

Donahue had been sent to another room to wait until Hyatt had more time to speak with him.

Wolfe and Archie are arrested as material witnesses and held for most of the day until Wolfe arranges bail through his lawyer, Nathaniel Parker.

They take a room at a nearby hotel, not being allowed to leave the city, and Archie calls the other detectives, Too Many Detectives, for a meeting so they can share information.

Synopsis of Too Many Detectives taken from:

Series:  Nero Wolfe; 28.3

Incluido en:  Three for the Chair

Publisher:  Bantam
Year:  1994
ISBN 0553248138

Language:  English
Format:  Print


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