Trio for Blunt Instruments

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Trio for Blunt Instruments

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Trio for Blunt Instruments

Contains the next three short stories:

  • Murder is Corny
  • Kill Now Pay Later
  • Blood Will Tell

If Nero Wolfe and his sidekick, Archie, would ever admit to an Achilles’ heel-which they wouldn’t-it would be a weakness for damsels in distress.

In these three charming chillers the duo answer the call of helpless heroines with nothing to lose-except their lives.

First a beautiful young Aphrodite comes to Nero looking for a hero-and the answer to the mystery of her father’s death….

Then an old flame of Archie’s reignites with a plan that may corner him into a lifetime commitment-behind bars….

And finally a detective’s work is never done, as a hot tip leads the team into the sizzling center of a sexy scandal that could leave them cold-dead cold.

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Series:  Nero Wolfe; 39

Publisher:  Crimeline
Year:  2010
ISBN 9780307756299

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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