Unholy Saints

Unholy Saints

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Synopsis of Unholy Saints

In Unholy Saints, it’s the week before Christmas, and all through the house, a killer is stirring…

Christmas is just days away, and DCI Kett and the Extreme Crime Task Force are preparing to celebrate the festive season with some well-earned peace and quiet.

But all hopes of a restful holiday are crushed when a man dressed as Santa Claus is found dead in the chimney of an old cabin.

And he’s just the first.

The hunt for a monster begins, but standing in the way is a cutthroat family of thieves, a bloody vendetta and a sinister cult led by a man known only as Saint Nick.

In a town full of secrets, somebody knows the truth. But they’re willing to kill to keep it buried.

And in this bleakest of midwinters, nobody is guaranteed to wake up on Christmas morning…

Synopsis of the book, by Alex Smith, taken from Amazon

Series:  Robert Kett; 14

Publisher:  Relentless Media
Year:  2023

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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