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Synopsis of Vanished

Five murders in one week, a smuggling operation gone wrong, and a crime reporter desperate to find the truth…

At a derelict port in Stockholm, two brutally murdered men are found by a security guard. In the same area a young woman, Aida, is on the run from a deranged gunman.

Meanwhile, journalist Annika Bengtzon is approached by a woman wanting her story published in the Evening Post.

She claims to have founded an organization to erase people’s pasts – giving vulnerable individuals a completely new identity.

Annika helps Aida to get in touch with the foundation.

But as she begins to investigate this woman’s story, more bodies turn up and she finds herself getting dangerously close to the truth – that all is not as it seems…

Synopsis of Vanished taken from Amazon

  • Spanish


Series: Annika Bengtzon; 3

Previously published as: Paradise

Publisher: Transworld Digital
Year published: 2012
Original title: Paradiset

Language: English
Format: Ebook

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