Vittorio the Vampire

Also available in: Spanish

Synopsis of Vittorio the Vampire

Sixteen years old, Vittorio is the sole survivor of a bizarre and violent massacre at his father’s Tuscan palazzo.

Escaping to the Florence of Cosimo de Medici, he seeks vengeance and retribution.

But though he has been saved from death by a mysterious woman, he finds himself at the mercy of demonic, bloody nightmares, war and political intrigue.

And, beyond even these perils, Vittorio faces being torn apart by a dangerous love.

Against a backdrop of the wonders – both sacred and profane – of Rennaisance Italy, with it’s art and ferocity, angels and demons, Anne Rice introduces a seductive new character and creates a passionate tragic legend of doomed young love and lost innocence.

Synopsis of Vittorio the Vampire taken from Amazon

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Series:  New Tales of the Vampires; 2

Publisher: Cornerstone Digital
Year 2013

Language: English
Format: eBook

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