When Will There Be Good News?

Also available in: Spanish

Synopsis of When Will There Be Good News?

In a quiet corner of rural Devon, a six-year-old girl witnesses an appalling crime. Thirty years later the man convicted of the crime is released from prison.

In Edinburgh, sixteen-year-old Reggie, wise beyond her years, works as a nanny for a G.P. But her employer has disappeared with her baby, and Reggie seems to be the only person who is worried.

Across town, Detective Chief Inspector Louise Monroe is also looking for a missing person, unaware that hurtling towards her is a former acquaintance – Jackson Brodie – himself on a journey that becomes fatally interrupted.

Synopsis of When Will There Be Good News? taken from Amazon

My opinion

Not bad. Good story, with suspense. The lead detectives (Monroe and Brodie) take a long time to meet, but when they do the story improves significantly: the sense of humor appears, with very good dialogues. The characters are very well sketched.

I’ll repeat.

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Series:  Jackson Brodie; 3

Year 2009
ISBN 9781409093671

Language: English
Format: eBook

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