Where Memories Lie

Where Memories Lie

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Synopsis of Where Memories Lie

Detective Inspector Gemma James and her family are back in their Notting Hill house and enjoying a quiet spring in London.

Then Gemma receives a plea for help from her friend and neighbour, Erika Rosenthal.

Erika has never shared much of her past, other than telling Gemma that she and her husband came to London before the war as refugees from Nazi Germany.

Her longdead husband was a historian and was found murdered in a local park. His murder was never solved.

But now the elderly woman needs Gemma’s help. A unique piece of jewellery stolen from her years ago has mysteriously turned up at a prestigious London auction house.

Erika believes the theft may be tied to her husband’s death. Gemma has a tough challenge. It’s a cold case and one that she has neither the time nor the resources to investigate.

When her enquiries into the dealings of the auction house hit a dead end, she’s worried she’ll have to admit defeat.

But then a tragic death places the investigation firmly in the present, and into the hands of her partner, Scotland Yard Superintendent Duncan Kincaid.

Determined to exact justice Gemma and Duncan hunt down a chilling killer in a case that will have lasting repercussions for everyone envolved…

Synopsis of Where Memories Lie taken from Amazon

Series:  Duncan Kincaid - Gemma James; 12

Year:  2009
ISBN 9781405090551
Original title:  Where Memories Lie

Language:  English
Format:  Print


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