White Heat

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Synopsis of White Heat

On Craig Island, a vast landscape of ice north of the Arctic Circle, three travellers are hunting duck. Among them is expert Inuit hunter and guide, Edie Kiglatuk; a woman born of this harsh, beautiful terrain.

The two men are tourists, experiencing Arctic life in the raw, but when one of the men is shot dead in mysterious circumstances, the local Council of Elders in the tiny settlement of Autisaq is keen to dismiss it as an accident.

Then two adventurers arrive in Autisaq hoping to search for the remains of the legendary Victorian explorer Sir James Fairfax.

The men hire Edie – whose ancestor Welatok guided Fairfax – along with Edie’s stepson Joe, and two parties set off in different directions.

Four days later, Joe returns to Autisaq frostbitten, hypothermic and disoriented, to report his man missing.

And when things take an even darker turn, Edie finds herself heartbroken, and facing the greatest challenge of her life

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Review of White Heat

I really liked White Heat. A different book that introduces us to an unknown world, the Inuit’s (Eskimo’s); a world where we can also find mysteries, murders… It’s a book that, once you start it, you can’t put it down until the end.

The plot is not new but the fact that it’s set on the Arctic Ocean, with new characters, indigenous people, and their complications, makes us eager to continue reading. I read it in one sitting and I was left wanting more.

It introduces us to the life of the Inuit, with customs and means of transport that are very different from ours; everything is different, including the food (the most delicious dish seems to be the seal blood soup). The characters seem very real, though, as I don’t know this world, I may be mistaken.

The “civilization” also appears polluting a society that seems ideal for the ones who are part of it. We speak, as always, of “colonization” against the will of the indigenous people who, in this case, were also “fooled” by the Canadian government to colonize the northern-most lands of the country.

I’d very much recommend it.

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Series:  Edie Kiglatuk; 1

Publisher: Mantle
Year 2011

Language: English
Format: eBook

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