You Can’t Hide

Synopsis of You Can’t Hide

Albert Tanner, vicious psychopath and burner of men, is in the USA with unfinished business

Detective Superintendent Ray Paterson and Detective Inspector Johnny Clocks must find him first.

Their task is straightforward: hunt Tanner down and bring him home. But a few explosions, an assassin and a dead child change everything.

Dragged into a sordid world of high class sex parties they discover an Albert Tanner they never knew existed.

Then a child is snatched from her own bed and Tanner wants to do a deal. However the price is far too high.

Paterson and Clocks realise they have no choice but to hunt Tanner down their own way.

Synopsis of You Can’t Hide taken from Amazon

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Series: Ray Paterson; 4

Publisher: Joffe Books
Year 2019

Language: English

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