Kill the King – Sandrone Dazieri

Review of Kill the King – Sandrone Dazieri

A worthy end to the trilogy. And I say this because the action goes “in crescendo” throughout the three novels.

There’s so much going on in this one that there’s a point where you’re a little lost. You’re suspect a lot of people, and in the end, almost all of them are bad. And some of the ones that seem bad are good. And the worst one is the one you least expect.

The action is fast-paced, it doesn’t give the reader room to breathe. It’s a little hard to follow all the plot threads. Especially if you don’t remember the second novel, like in my case.

Colomba is unhinged. Dante, even more than usual.

Everything happens in a few days and they seem to jump from one end of Italy with enough time to get home and sleep. This is obviously an exaggeration, but it’s a little tricky to keep track of them.

Like the other novels, it hooks you from the beginning and it’s hard to put down. Very entertaining.

I highly recommend it because, as I said at the beginning, it’s a worthy ending of the trilogy. The first one: very good. The second one: keeps the level. This one: final apotheosis.

Don’t miss it.


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